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Julie Desjardins (elle/She/her)

Multi designer & environment Master

Multidisciplinary designer and Environmental Master (M env.), I am currently active through three parameters: mobilization, materiality and temporality.

Mobilization manifests itself in the collaborative workshops that I lead and design with the ambition of supporting participants and guiding them so that they themselves trigger their environmental commitment in concrete actions.

Materiality stems from my career as a multidisciplinary designer (textiles, clothing, objects, five senses), where I create tangible works that embody my artistic vision and my current thoughts.

Temporality, at the heart of an essay-creation on the problem of the acceleration of society as the cause of the distancing of humans from nature. To do this, in the workshop “Adopting the rhythm of nature: patience”, I suggest learning forgotten ancestral knowledge to reconnect with your senses and free yourself from the system to be able to slow down.


questioning oneself ; play with the error.
Experiment, always.
See the designer as a sensor of influences.
Develop your outlook;
Learn from others and their diversity.
Take a place in nature,
at his own pace. 

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