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Microprogram 2nd cycle in Innovation Management
Montreal School of Higher Technologies (ÉTS)

Graduate courses complementary to environmental training at the University of Sherbrooke to help operationalize the change necessary for the socio-ecological transition. 

  • Change management in organizations

  • Knowledge management, community of practice

  • Creative innovation methods (CK, ASIT, TRIZ)


Master in environment (M. env.)
University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke

Professional master's degree in environmental management. Work in multidisciplinary teams, professional situation.

  • Development of sustainable communities (integrated development plan)

  • Residual materials management, Law, Chemistry, Economy, Ecosystem values, Value creation strategies, SD tools, etc.

  • Integrative project, Professional internship


Summer School in Societal Transformation
Future cities institutes,CIRODD, Concordia University, Montreal


Circular economy course (35h)
Center for intersectoral studies and research in the circular economy (CERIEC).

Solving complex issues to accelerate the socio-ecological transition in a systemic way (Challenge: Montreal C-40).

Training allows you to acquire and apply key skills
allowing the optimal implementation of sustainable development:

  • Skills in systems thinking; anticipatory; normative; strategic;

  • Interpersonal competence (collaboration, self-awareness).

Back to school


B.A. Diploma

Fashion Design Management
Montreal Higher School of Fashion (ESG-UQÀM), Montreal


D.E.C. diploma

Techniques in Fashion Design

Marie-Victorin College, Montreal

Professional experience

May 2022 - December 2023

Communications coordinator

Center for interdisciplinary studies and research in circular economy (CERIEC)

Support Québec Circulaire and CERIEC in their outreach strategies by participating in the ideation, design and dissemination of content relating to the circular economy.

  • Production of video portraits,

  • Communication plan for the Circular Initiatives Awards 2022, 2023)

  • Writing articles and moderating for the Québec Circulaire platform

January 2021 - today

Animation / Facilitation / Designer of co-creative workshops


Factry; Transition Paths; CIRODD; CERIEC; recruit Montreal.

Animation and facilitation of workshops for group cohesion, knowledge transfer and resolution of complex issues for different stakeholders (university students, municipal elected officials (UMQ), large companies and SMEs, general public).

  • Test-creation of the master's degree in environment on a participatory workshop as an educational tool relating to the environment.

January 2021 -  March 2023

General Director / UX Designer / Events / Content / Host

co-founder of the non-profit association recruit Montreal

Intersectoral community of practice of young Montreal professionals with the common vision of building collective intelligence to integrate the socio-ecological transition into their sector of activity.

  • Design and animation of 4 events for 30 participants

  • Co-creation of 4 workshops on 4 different subjects

January 2015 -  August 2023

Fashion designer / R&D / Smart textile


OM Signal;; Ying Gao; Midnight bath; Animals of distinction; Julidins.


Create and develop clothing with biometric sensors. Work in a multidisciplinary product development team.


Development of textile products: Design in situ and overseas.

Research and experimentation with materials: 3D printing, laser cutting, plastic thermoforming, silicone.

Electronics: integration, Arduino, soldering, repair, maintenance, etc.

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